Did Carl Get Bit On 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead may have packed a major moment into a minor scene on Sunday night when Carl [...]

The Walking Dead may have packed a major moment into a minor scene on Sunday night when Carl Grimes was taking on walkers in the woods.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x06, The King, The Widow, and Rick follow!

While fans are more concerned with the question of whether or not Siddiq is trustworthy, there may have been a landscape shattering moment packed into the episode. Carl Grimes may have gotten bit by a walker.

Early on, Siddiq reveals to Carl that he moves through the woods, trapping walkers and putting them down in hopes of freeing the trapped souls of who that body once belonged to. After Carl echoes his mother Lori's last words and decides to do what's right, he sets out on a journey toward Alexandria with Siddiq. Together, they come across a small pack of walkers eating a horse.

Naturally, the character decide to put these walkers down, but they weren't expecting the herd to expand suddenly as more walkers emerged from the woods. Carl was overwhelmed momentarily and one walker went in for a bite on his midsection just as Carl shot another which was biting as his face. Ultimately, Carl and Siddiq dispatch all of the walkers and appear to emerge unscathed.

Carl, however, may have been bitten in his midsection. With is clothes covered in the blood of the horse, his own blood may have been masked. When Rick's son stood initially stood up from the encounter, he glanced down at his right side, where one walker was lunging, before carrying on. Revealing the bite to this stranger might be a sign of weakness or send Siddiq in another direction.

Is it possible Carl was bitten in a place where amputating a body part can't save him? Would The Walking Dead really kill off one of Rick's kids? Only time will tell, but Carl actor Chandler Riggs has been the subject of debate among fans recently. The speculation of Carl's death reached such a high point that Riggs was forced to acknowledge to rumors on Twitter, seeming to debunk them.

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