Seth Gilliam Debunks That Father Gabriel 'The Walking Dead' Theory

The Walking Dead fans were quick to call Father Gabriel a mole when he didn't immediately kill Negan upon being trapped inside a trailer with the villain but Seth Gilliam claims this is not the case.

Father Gabriel has a history of betraying Rick and the survivors. When they first arrived in Alexandria, Gabriel went behind Rick's back to tell Deanna he thought Rick was a dangerous and unfit leader. He also tried to abandon the group long before that as his church become overrun with walkers. Offering intel to Negan and the Saviors would certainly be strike three for the holy man.

Still, Gilliam defends his character's loyalty in an exclusive interview with at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta.

"I just think Gabriel's a bad shot. I think that's about as deep as it gets. He couldn't hit the ocean if he was standing on the side of a boat and leapt. That's alright. It just means that he can't shoot, it doesn't mean that he's in cahoots. I've heard some things about in cahoots, which would be an interesting story twist, by the way in an alternative universe, but I don't really see that happening."

While this still doesn't mean Father Gabriel will make it out of his terrifying scenario alive, Gilliam expressed a bit of optimism at the premiere of The Walking Dead's 100th episode. "There's always a possibility, man," Gilliam said. "It's The Walking Dead. "There's always a possibility of making it out alive."


Rick actor Andrew Lincoln, however, has already expressed the importance of Father Gabriel and the impact his death would have on Rick and the rest of the survivors. "He's become an incredible confidant, and the most trusted member of the inner circle, I think, for Rick," Lincoln said. "He's a man who will continue proving himself and his worth and he loves this man and regards him enormously. So I'm not sure when or if he will get news of what happens to the Father, but certainly it's causing him enough consternation to want to hold, to want to stop a very intricate plan from moving forward. Everything you've seen in the first episode is only the beginning of a much, much bigger plan that will unveil itself over the next few episodes."

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