'Fear The Walking Dead' Crossover Theory Means Beta Has Arrived

Despite dozens of speculation stories taking the Internet by storm, there is one very possible [...]

Beta Walker Crossover

Despite dozens of speculation stories taking the Internet by storm, there is one very possible Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead crossover theory which hasn't been mentioned yet: Qaletaqa Walker becoming Beta.

Most fans have been distracted by the possibility of Abraham Ford joining Fear the Walking Dead to unveil more of the character's past or Madison Clark becoming the Whisperer leader Alpha, they haven't thought of the Native American leader becoming second in command for the villainous group.

This theory is likely overlooked because only a fraction of The Walking Dead fans watch the sibling series Fear the Walking Dead. On average, Fear pulled in less than 20% of the total audience by comparison to The Walking Dead's Season 7 numbers in its most recent season. Based on the content of Season 3, there are some signs pointing to Qaletaqa Walker being the character who jumps from one series to the other.

First of all, fans have to familiarize themselves with Beta.

In The Walking Dead comics, Beta is a loyal servant to Alpha and enforcer of her group. It is a group of savage survivors covered in zombie guts, walking around quietly and calling themselves the Whisperers. He claims a tall, daunting figure and does not ever hesitate to jam his knives into anyone he considers an enemy.

The characteristics are similar to those of Qaletaqa Walker who was introduced on Fear the Walking Dead early in its third season.

The man played by Michael Greyeyes was a leader of men. He loyally protected his Native American clan near the Mexican-American border and never backed away from he believed in. When it came down to it, the character was always out for himself and his people, regardless of how Madison Clark tried to help him. When safety became a question or he was required to help someone outside of his own group, Qaletaqa was quick to abandon new acquaintances.

Topping it all off, Greyeyes maintains the important daunting physical stature required to play the intimidating Beta character.

Having lost most of his group on Fear the Walking Dead through its third season, Qaletaqa was last seen heading "north" with his only remaining friend Crazy Dog in the Season 3 finale. Heading north may or may not out the character on a crash course with Rick Grimes in Season 9 or beyond in The Walking Dead when the group inevitably encounters the Whisperers.

There is still no word on which show will gain a character from the other but ComicBook.com has spoken to producers from both parties for some insight.

"To be really honest, I'm so deep into The Walking Dead, I haven't read any of the outlines for Fear yet," executive producer Greg Nicotero said. "That'll probably have to wait until I'm out from underneath all this stuff."

Despite several possible nods in the Fear the Walking Dead finale to the Abraham Ford theory being realized, Fear showrunner Dave Erickson claims there was little (if any) moves made towards launching the crossover while shaping the recent season.

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