Does 'The Walking Dead' And 'Fear The Walking Dead' Crossover Involve Negan's Background Story?

With one unidentified character from either The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead set to [...]

With one unidentified character from either The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead set to appear on the other series for a crossover, some are speculating a connection between Negan and the characters from the sibling series.

In Sunday's The Big Scary U episode of The Walking Dead, the villainous leader of the Sanctuary revealed himself to have helped kids prior to the apocalypse while talking to Gabriel. Fans of The Walking Dead comics know this is in reference to his pre-apocalyptic job as a high school gym teacher.

On Talking Dead, a fan question prompted host Chris Hardwick and his guests to speculate on a connection between gym teacher Negan and high school guidance counselor Madison Clark.

"There is some thought that Madison from Fear the Walking Dead was a counselor," Hardwick pointed out. "Negan worked with kids. Does this mean that they are somehow tied?"

The guests, however, seemed a little skeptic. "They worked at the same school?" Edelstein asked. "So, we would get to see Negan earlier on if that's the case."

Of course, if Negan were to work in Madison's school, he would likely be far from her current location near the Mexican-American border and the opportunity to have seen them together it work has long passed. Furthermore, Negan would have had to jet from coast to coast in order to form the Saviors and become the Negan fans know.

"They're only a couple months in [to the apocalypse on Fear the Walking Dead]," Hardwick points out. "It's a couple of years difference between the two shows' settings."

While the producers of The Walking Dead and Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself have promised Negan's backstory will be revealed on the AMC series, Sunday's The Big Scary U episode may be as far as it goes. A scenario where Morgan appearing on Fear the Walking Dead to offer up more of Negan than weeks in a year would allow him to film is unlikely.

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