Fear The Walking Dead: Do Not Disturb Preview Released

Following Sunday night's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, AMC released a preview for the tenth episode the zombie drama series' second season titled, "Do Not Disturb."

In Los Muertos, the preceding episode to the hour previewed here, Ofelia, Strand, Madison, and Alicia made their return to the show after sitting out last week's midseason premiere. They found trouble in paradise when their yacht went missing, forcing them to seek sanctuary in a hotel. By the episode's end, Ofelia had gone missing and Strand and Madison found themselves trapped behind a bar with seemingly no way out as infected surrounded them.

In Do Not Disturb, we see another faction of Fear's survivors make their return as Chris and Travis' adventures south of the border are finally visited. To cap the half season a few months ago, Travis elected to venture off with his son for everybody's safety, questioning Chris' mental state. The coming episode will explore the dynamic between the two and take a deep dive into Chris' state of mind as a batch of new characters cross paths with the father/son duo.

"Travis finally realizes his son is at no point of return," Chris actor Lorenzo James Henrie teases in a spoiler-filled interview which will publish on ComicBook.com after Sunday's new episode.

The return of the Manawa's doesn't mean that Nick's Tijuana adventures and Madison and Strand's situation will be overlooked, though. Do Not Disturb will balance all of the story lines in its hour long run time.


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