Fear The Walking Dead: Is Chris Ahead Of The Curve Or Crazy?

Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead saw the return of Travis and Chris following their choice of isolation in the midseason finale earlier this summer. Spoilers for the 10th episode of Fear the Walking Dead's second season, titled "Do Not Disturb," follow.

To close the episode, the theories about Chris being a savage ready to kill in a moment's notice were confirmed. The teenager raised his gun and shot a homeowner who found him, his father, and their new American friends snooping around is barn and taking his resources. The moment broke Travis' heart and solidified Chris as one or the other: ahead of the post-apocalyptic survival curve or crazy.

"Travis finally realizes his son is at no point of return," Chris Manawa actor Lorenzo James Henrie tells ComicBook.com. "I think it's going to hugely affect the next episode that you see with Travis and Chris. He realizes, 'Man, I'm dealing with someone that is so far removed from reality.'"

"When you do something bad at first, you know when you lie to your mom or your dad at first when you're young, you know what you did was bad," Henrie says, but points out that it only gets easier the more you do it, adding that fans have been telling him his character's behavior strikes memories of The Walking Dead's Shane Walsh.

"I think Chris doesn't have the foresight that his father has or the years of experience of life that his father has," Henrie admits of his character. "I think his only goal is to find people that think like him, and find people that accept him for who he is. His goal, his immediate goal is survival. To kill or be killed. He's not finding that in the group or his dad. When he meets these Americans, they sort of are the symbol of the no rules, no anything."

"I think his goal right now is to be with these American guys and start a new life where there is no rules. No one's holding him back."

Chris' fall into possible villainy or rise into leadership is something which will be explored as the second season of Fear presses on according to Henrie but, in equal importance, the relationship with Travis will be affected as a result.


"I think with Chris, the more that he's killed, the more that he's gone so far away from reality, from his father, from what is truly love, that his dad would be willing to die for his son, I think he's so far removed," Henrie says. "It's such a second nature to him now that Travis is like, 'What do I do?' I think that's what really serves the purpose of Travis' storyline. It's really going to eat at Travis."

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