Fear the Walking Dead Star Says Showrunners Are Open to Idea of a Musical Episode

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 newcomer Karen David says showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian [...]

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 newcomer Karen David says showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg "seem to be open" to the idea of a musical episode.

"Oh my gosh. Well, I don't know about this season, but if this has indicated anything to Ian and Andrew, trust me, any excuse for me to break out into song, or Rubén, we've got some good singers in the cast — I mean, sign me up," David told Decider when asked about the possibility of an all-musical episode after 514, "Today and Tomorrow," saw David's Grace perform an acoustic duet with Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades). "I don't know how, but I just think the whimsical idea of a musical episode… I want to see a bunch of zombies dancing away."

"Obviously, it's got to be integral to the storyline and make sense without making it too far-fetched, but I don't know if that would happen in a hallucination or a dream sequence, where it could be tangible, so it depends," David continued. "I know Ian and Andrew seem to be open about the idea, but it's got to make sense, obviously. But let's see, you know that secretly I will be hinting so hard for that in the future [laughs]."

David, also a singer-songwriter, adds she was "really excited" to lean into her musical background in TWD Universe, which earlier used music as a point of connection for Daniel and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson).

"I never thought, because I'm quite new to this universe, and I've only just started watching now and the beginning of The Walking Dead, and now coming here … And I didn't see much about music, yet," she said. "I love that Ian and Andrew wanted to introduce music in as a metaphor, in many ways. Music has the power to heal and to unite people from all walks of life, and I just love that they got that element into this episode. And to be singing with Rubén, oh my God, who has the voice of God, he's so talented. We were so excited."

But like the title of her song performed with Daniel — The Traveling Wilburys' "End of the Line" — Grace is facing impending doom, brought on by her quickly worsening radiation sickness. Grace's condition is a focal point in the last two episodes of the season, which next airs "Channel 5" Sep. 22 before wrapping up with Season 5 finale "End of the Line" on Sep. 29.

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