Fear The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Los Muertos

Nick wakes up in bed near a woman who is coughing up blood. He slept in the infirmary. He realizes [...]

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Nick wakes up in bed near a woman who is coughing up blood. He slept in the infirmary. He realizes the woman is dying.

Nick walks outside the community we saw thriving at the end of Grotesque to see that no one is there. It's a ghost town. He is still limping a bit but it's better than it was before. A couple of men stand guard in towers nearby but Nick doesn't find anyone on the ground floor. He ventures outside until he finds a crying little girl. She's sad about her father. Nick looks out to see a man approaching Luciana.

The doctor asks the man if he is ready and he nods indicating a positive response. He hands over a knife and gets into a school bus which connects to a yard full of walkers on the other side. He walks toward them, as a crowd looks on. They are chanting as he feeds himself to the undead.

Elsewhere, Madison and Alicia ride in the back of a pick up truck with Strand driving and Ofelia in the passenger seat. They are searching for Nick and Travis. Alicia and Madison urge her to give up and head back to the Abigail Estate.

Nick walks around the community. The people are back. The doctor takes care of some folks and reveals, in Spanish, that he is actually a pharmacist. Nick seems to have caught what he said before he goes off to talk to Luciana.

Strand and the group arrive at a cliff, searching for the yacht, but it's gone. Alicia tells Madison that Nick is gone and it's the two of them now whether she likes it or not. They leave a message in the sand, "Abigail lost head north. "They ride by a pier and find a hotel, deciding to go inside for safety.

Nick fills pales of water and then washes bandages before Luciana tells him to follow her.

Strand's group approaches the hotel, not knowing that walkers are watching through windows across the street. The doors were boarded up, prompting the group to be cautious inside. Strand rings the bell on the desk repetitively. Nothing happens and he rules, "Service is sub par."

Luciana and Nick wander into the yard full of undead. Luciana pins one to a wall with knives. She tells Nick to stay absolutely quiet at all times before they use the walker's blood to cover themselves and blend in. She tells Nick she has chosen him to come along because no one will miss him. He asks who would miss her and she says he is already missing.

Ofelia and the others find an abandoned wedding. She tells them she was almost married once. His name was William and he was good man according to her but Strand says he couldn't have been that good if it was almost. She reveals that she had to choose between him and her parents. Strand tells her the past will only make her sick. They continue their search through the hotel.

Nick and Luciana continue their walk. She has biblical beliefs. Nick doesn't agree with her. She tells Nick the pharmacist was bitten and didn't turn, claiming to have seen it with her own two eyes.

Alicia is ready to rule the hotel dead. Her relationship with Madison is very tense. Madison searches the bar for resources. Strand wants to make her a drink and does despite her reluctance.

Nick and Luciana approach some dealers and she warns them about how intense they are, saying, "They will hang you if you look at them wrong." As they get close, a man stands up and loads his gun. Luciana drops all of her weapons on the ground. She tells him they need water. He asks what she has for him. She hands over a bag of medicine, prompting him to allow her inside the store. She grabs a water bottle and shopping cart before going inside.

Strand and Madison share some martinis and he explains the perfect way to make one. He catches that she is from Alabama. She tells him it's true but all of his stories are "bullshit," and demands he bring her some tequila.

Alicia and Ofelia explore the upper floors and check some rooms. Alicia grabs a key card and tries to open a room but a zombie starts banging on the door. She realizes that somebody has marked the infected room. They find one that is not infected and start looking inside for supplies but also find someone who hung themselves in the shower. Ofelia is taken aback by what she sees but Alicia just wants to leave.

Luciana shops as Nick follows her. They're looking for water, gauze, vitamins, and anything else they can use in the infirmary. Nick wants to take some candy but she insists they only take what they need. At the end of the aisle, Nick sees a camp of ill folks. One man starts looking at Nick with an odd interest as they fill the cart with water.

Ofelia and Alicia continue their search. Alicia starts to fill a bag from the fridge as Ofelia discovers there is still hot water. Alicia asks why the man in the previous room gave up. Ofelia says he may have been tired of just surviving and reveals that she believes they are not going to make it. "My father was always one step behind hope," she says. Alicia insists Daniel was wrong. Alicia tells Ofelia that they're family now but Ofelia is pessimistic.

Lucina and Nick leave the store. The man who was eyeing Nick earlier sends another to attack him. They find the candy in his pants. He stole it. The man is going to cut off Nick's hand. Nick explains that the oxy he supplied for the man's sister will run out if he hurts Nick. Nick tells him that one week without the medication his sister will be in so much pain that he'll wish she would turn so he could kill her. Now, they want another cart of water if he wants more oxy. Luciana has been translating. The man reluctantly allows it.

Nick and Luciana continues with their two carts of water. She is displeased with his actions because it put them in danger.

Madison and Strand sit and reminisce on pre-apocalypse memories and debate what it would've been like to cross paths. He says he would've talked about coming up in the world or something to impress her. He would have hit on her. She is surprised and pours them both another shot of tequila. His mood changes when he realizes everything they would have talked about is gone and Madison reveals her conclusion that Alicia is right. She'll never see Nick again. Strand assures her that he is alive, he's bulletproof, but Madison says Nick was born lost. She compares his lifestyle to his father's. Strand asks how Steven passed and she tells him that he crossed the divider into oncoming traffic. She told the kids he fell asleep but she doesn't believe that. She keeps trying to save them. Strand tells her, "These things, we can only live with them. We can't choose." She disagrees saying they can only choose but her choice to spite the past was the wrong one. She is drunk and pours another drink, "to motherhood." Suddenly she throws her glass at the wall, flips another and pours another shot. This time, "to false hope." She shatters that glass, too. Strand heads for the piano. He plays some dark, deep keys. Nearby walkers hear the noise.

Upstairs, Alicia gets out of the shower and looks for Ofelia. She finds the door to the balcony open and fears the worst. A body falls from above her floor. Zombies are falling from the balconies heading to the bar's piano sound. Alicia tries to call out to them before rushing down the hallway and searching for Ofelia. She tries the stairwell but it is full of walkers.

Back in Tijuana, Nick and Luciana push their carts through the community. Luciana tells Nick that Alejandro will find him. He sees the little girl whose father died earlier. He gives her the candy he stole. Luciana sees it and calls Nick to her. Nick walks into Alejandro's house. He tells Nick that he heard about what he did, almost starting a war. Nick defends his decision, saying not everything has to be about death. The man tells him, "You're exactly wrong." He takes Nick into another room and reveals that they are running low on supplies. The man assures him that this is all only a test, claiming the dead are heading to a final resting place, and the faithful will outlast death. Nick questions how he is so sure and sees an intense scar, possibly a bite, on Alejandro's shoulder. He tells Nick that if he ever puts his people in danger again, he will feed him to the wall.

Strand and Madison continue drinking and playing the piano. Walkers fall around them. They are surrounded. The walkers bust into the bar.

Alejandro rallies the people of his community. He assures them they are all doing the right thing.

Madison and Strand fight off walkers.

Alejandro's speech continues, telling them the migration of their souls has begun.

Madison and Strand are cornered behind the bar.

Alejandro tells them they know death and it won't take them. It's their world. They are the children of the resurrection. Nick joins in on their chant.

Alicia is trapped in a hotel room.

Madison and Strand are trapped, completely surrounded at the bar.

The chant stops and Alejandro says they will never leave.