How Old Is Judith In 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Flash-Forward?

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The Walking Dead's Season 8 premiere filled its fans with joy when the future revealed itself to have an adorable and grown Judith residing in it. The only question about it: how old is Judith in the flashforward scene?

It is difficult to nail down an exact age for Rick's only daughter. The Walking Dead comics saw a similar time jump executed but wasn't revealed until after the war with Negan. Although writer/creator Robert Kirkman has commented on the time jump, initially teasing it to have been about two years later, conflicting statements and story beats since have suggested it was a bit longer. It's all irrelevant for Judith, however, who died in The Walking Dead comics during a battle with the Governor.

Based on her appearance and speaking skills, it's safe to assume Judith is about five years old. Rick actor Andrew Lincoln assumes the same while speaking to

"It looks to be four to five years," Lincoln said of amount of time which has passed. "The problem is, Rick seems to have aged in dog years. He's had the rough ride of it. He hasn't aged as well as Michonne, shall we say. One might say, 'He aged on behalf of Michonne.' Who knows? The years haven't been favorable to Mr. Grimes!"

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