Lorenzo James Henrie To Join ComicBook.com's After The Dead Sunday Night

FTWD Chris Manawa

Following Sunday's new episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Lorenzo James Henrie will join ComicBook.com for a live Q&A on After the Dead.

On Fear the Walking Dead, Henrie plays Chris Manawa, the troubled teenager acting so sporadically that his father elected to isolate the pair away from the rest of the blended family. Do Not Disturb, the tenth episode of Fear's second season, brings Chris and Travis back into the mix for the first time since the midseason break.

The last we saw the father-son duo, Travis chased a runaway Chris out in the desert to a man's house where he found his son holding the stranger's son hostage. After they left the house, Chris held a knife to Travis but Travis' unconditional love for his son stood strong as he sought hope and help for Chris.

Henrie says that fan compare his character to that of Shane Walsh of The Walking Dead. Seeing as the two characters both adapted to the new world a bit more rapidly than anybody else around them which is typically not well received by others. That said, the ones who others perceive as having lost their minds are sometimes the best equipped to deal with threats presented by the post-apocalyptic madness.

Every Sunday night, ComicBook.com hosts a live recap/Q&A after show, After the Dead, following Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead to present fan questions to cast members and other special guests hosted by ComicBook.com's Walking Dead insider Brandon Davis.


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