Scott Wilson Picks The Perfect Name For Maggie's Baby On The Walking Dead

Maggie has a tough time surrounding herself with people she loves. They always just seem to die. First most of her family didn't make it off of their farm. Then, Hershel couldn't make it past the prison adventures. This is followed by Beth's death in the hospital. Of course, to top it all off, her husband and father of her unborn child, Glenn, was brutally murdered right before her eyes.

Still, she is one of the toughest women on The Walking Dead and will press on to have her baby after the war with Negan comes to an end. During a panel at Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, Tennessee, the actor burdened with playing Maggie's father Hershel on the AMC series, Scott Wilson, as asked what he would like name said baby if his character were still on the show.

"She's gonna do a great job," Wilson said of Maggie raising the child. "She's tough. She's tough and she's smart and she cares. I think that's a good combination."

Then came the name. "Hershel," Wilson said. "Hershel Glenn. Glenn Hershel."

Wilson might have picked the name for a couple of reasons. One is to honor his own character which fans don't seem likely to ever forget but the other is because of the name Robert Kirkman gave the Maggie's baby in The Walking Dead comics.

In the comics, after the war with Negan and a considerable time jump, Maggie's baby is introduced when she calls him, "Hershel."

As for whether or not the AMC series will keep the name of Maggie's baby accurate to the books and pay homage to Wilson's late character is to be seen as The Walking Dead is set to plow through All Out War in the upcoming eighth season.

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