Oceanside Primed For Return In New 'The Walking Dead' Preview

In a new preview for The Walking Dead midseason 8 finale, Aaron and Enid are seen having a touching conversation as they ride out to recruit Oceanside for a return to the fight.

There's no official word on whether or not the Oceanside group will appear in Episode 8x08 but it is certainly Enid and Aaron's destination. With the Kingdom's soldiers eliminated, Rick and his army are in need of some fighters. The currently unarmed Oceanside community might provide the numbers Rick needs.

The preview is not entirely about Oceanside, though. Ross Marquand's Aaron is having a hard time venturing outside of Alexandria on a recruiting trip as it reminds him of time spent with his late boyfriend Eric. "Eric and I used to take trips like this, back when we were looking for people to bring to Alexandria," Aaron said. "We drove to the Hilltop just a few days ago and helped out with those cars. He was always right there. Where you are now. I'm just remembering that."

He is clearly motivated and seeking revenge. "I need to make sure he died for a reason," Aaron concludes.

"I was just thinking about Oceanside," Enid adds to conversation. "Wondering if they'll talk to us."

"We need to have them be a part of this," Aaron tells her. "We just have to convince them." Enid is quick to point out that the Oceanside community will need guns to defend themselves but Aaron has his own and Alexandria's safety in mind in the mean time.

Speaking to ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview, Oceanside's Cyndie actress Sydney Park recently teased the return of her character's community on the AMC series. "Hey, it’s a crazy season, and I think people are gonna really really love it," Park teased. "So guys, just hang in there, it’s gonna be a crazy ride, and look out for Oceanside."


"She saw her family get killed right in front of her, and she really has nothing left except for her grandma and Rachel, and her community," Park said of her character. "But she can’t help but feel like she has to be kind of the right and the light in the world, because she’s seen so many wrongdoings. She’s definitely conflicted, but ultimately she really does try to do her best, even if it might backfire on her later. I think what really drives her is that she doesn’t want to turn into the people that have hurt her."

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