Robert Kirkman Has Changed The Ending Of The Walking Dead


Ever since The Walking Dead unpredictably exploded into a pop culture phenomenon, its writer and creator Robert Kirkman has claimed to have an ending for the zombie series planned out in his mind.

That plan has apparently changed, though.

On a panel at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, Kirkman sat down with The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard and Skybound editorial director Sean Mackiewicz to discuss the hit series. It was here that Kirkman revealed the big change.

"The end has changed," Kirkman said. "There was one version that would have had it ending as soon as everybody reached Alexandria."

Well, if the comic book had ended when Rick's group reached Alexandria, it would be retired for years now. There would have been no Negan, no Shiva, and no Whisperers. It probably would have been a happy ending of sorts with the issue #69 arrival to the Safe-Zone, something the series is not very familiar with. Today, The Walking Dead is set to publish its 157th issue next week.


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