Why The Walking Dead Star Josh McDermitt Was Upset by the Comic Book Ending

Those who have spend the better part of 16 years reading The Walking Dead were given quite a shock last month when series creator and writer Robert Kirkman ended the series without telling anyone. Issue #193 of The Walking Dead was secretly the finale and fans weren't prepared for the abrupt goodbye. Neither was the cast of AMC's adaptation of The Walking Dead, apparently.

Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene on The Walking Dead, is a big fan of Kirkman's comics and has read along consistently for quite some time. He had no idea the beloved book was coming to an end, causing him a similar reaction as other fans around the world.

On Sunday night's preview special for The Walking Dead Season 10, McDermitt talked about the reaction to The Walking Dead's ending, and the hilarious reason that it's going away upset him.

"I loved it," McDermitt said of the ending. "I thought it was awesome the way he did it. I love the comics, and I buy every issue, or try and get the volumes or the compendiums and go through it, because there’s a lot of great stuff there. And obviously the show takes detours from what’s happening in the comics and that sort of thing, so it’s fun to have a totally separate story that you can follow along and see the variations. But for him to end it the way he did, I was shocked, and surprised. I know that he’s probably had everyone asking him, ‘Hey, when are you gonna end it?’ I know I’ve asked him, ‘Hey, are you gonna end the comics?’ And he keeps talking about issue 300 and all this stuff. And then to read his long letter at the end, that he explains everything, you’re like, ‘Wow, man, congratulations.’ Congratulations, Robert.


"The thing, though, I was a little upset, because I had just decided - at the end of each issue, they do a ‘Letter Hacks,’ where you can write in and ask questions, and Robert will answer them. And I had decided I was gonna start writing in myself, just trolling him a bit. And then the issues were done and I’m like, ‘Damn it!’"

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