'The Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt Talks 'Fear' Crossover, Timelines Matching Up

Lennie James leaving The Walking Dead to join Fear the Walking Dead has been a tough pill to swallow for some, including Eugene Porter actor Josh McDermitt.

The only details regarding Morgan Jones joining Fear the Walking Dead in its fourth season seem to point towards Lennie James being done with The Walking Dead following its eighth season. In an interview with THR, McDermitt opened up about losing James as a co-star.

"Lennie was the guy whose storyline brought me into the show. I'm not necessarily a big horror-genre fan," Mcdermitt said. "People ask me what my favorite horror movies are, and I don't really watch a lot of horror, because I get scared. But I watched this show because it was about the human emotion and human survival. It wasn't about the zombies. A lot of what sucked me in was Lennie James [in the pilot]. I'll be honest, I kind of fell away from the show around season three. I still watched it, but I was getting a little bored. The episode that brought me back was 'Clear,' when they visit Morgan again and we see the writing all over his apartment. Again, Lennie James brings me back to the show. Constantly, over and over again, I'm watching him on this show and thinking, 'Wow. This dude is amazing.' I consider him a good friend. I'm really sad to see him go. I'm sad for the show. But I'm also excited, and I told Lennie that. I told him that I'm 'sad-cited.' It's tough. He's a great guy and a great actor. I'm sad I won't be learning from him as much. He's an amazing actor, but you learn more about life and how to be a good person, the stuff not associated with acting, from him. He's that kind of guy."

McDermitt, however, is up to follow James' lead by joining Fear the Walking Dead should the opportunity present itself. Of course, he is also aware of the conflicting timelines which might not allow him to ever do so.

"It would be cool," McDermitt said. "I don't know what they're doing with the show in terms of the timelines and stuff like that. I know the timelines don't match up. I wonder if it would even work. But if there's a way for Eugene to pop up on Fear the Walking Dead, I would totally do it. We'll see. I think it's a good thing to bridge those two worlds. Before, they used to say we would never cross. But I think you have to. That's what makes it interesting and cool. It's a cool shot in the arm for Fear the Walking Dead, and bringing over a solid actor like Lennie and a solid character like Morgan showing up in that storyline? It's going to be huge. I just wish maybe they could have brought Baby Judith over there instead. What a cop-out!"


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