The Walking Dead's Big Twist Has Plot Issues, Unless...

The Walking Dead showcased a surprising plot twist in Sunday night's Episode 10x07 (Open Your [...]

The Walking Dead showcased a surprising plot twist in Sunday night's Episode 10x07 (Open Your Eyes) when one character killed another in the final moments. As it turns out, the AMC series was planting seeds for this plot twist throughout Season 10 and most of the audience still didn't see it coming. As surprising as it was, part of the big plot twist's shock might gain from the fact that there are some major issues when trying to fit it into the overarching story. There is one way, though, that this plot twist might pay off in unexpected fashion going forward.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 10x07 follow. Major spoilers!

At the end of The Walking Dead's new episode on Sunday night, Dante revealed himself to be a Whisperer undercover in Alexandria. When Siddiq realized he was with him the night the beheadings in Season 9's penultimate episode, Dante killed Siddiq, preserving his cover within the community. However, there are several problems with this storyline: 1. Why did Lydia never recognize Dante or vice versa? 2. Why does Alpha need Gamma to information about Alexandria from Aaron if Dante is literally inside the community? 3. How did no one question this guy's arrival when he got to Alexandria some time after the beheadings and pike sequence? How has he been able to share the information, anyway?

When one Whisperer popped up in Alexandria thanks to Carol's plan of taking a hostage, Dante poisoned him to preserve his secret. Yet, Lydia still did not recognize him at any point.

Of course, the answer might lay in Lydia's sentiment about the idea of Alexandria being what can stop the Whisperers. Alpha wants to destroy the community as a means to remove the temptation of such a civilization from her people's minds. Could Dante not be a Whisperer mole but actually be interested in living in Alexandria and simply escaped the Whisperers?

As Dante choked the life from Siddiq, he seemed to be genuinely upset about having to do such a thing. With his cover blown, he had no choice, if he wanted to remain in Alexandria.

That might be it, though: Dante might genuinely want to stay in Alexandria, which presents a very interesting new story. Having killed Siddiq, it seems Dante's days are probably numbered on The Walking Dead but, if he is able to cover up the murder, he might just be able to maintain a home without getting caught as having been a Whisperer.

How frustrating would it be for fans to have to deal with this character in Alexandria if he decides to actually become a real member of the community? It's unlikely given that he was helping with Alpha and Gamma's plan to muck up the water and get everyone sick, which might mean he was never intended to deliver any information in the first place. However, if Lydia is right about Alexandria being what could take down Alpha's following, Dante might see the community as an out from the Whisperers and either continue living there while covering up the murder or out himself out of guilt being too heavy and deal with the consequences. Either way, it's probably better than facing Alpha if he does want out of that group.

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