The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals Creepy Feature That Makes Negan’s Whisperer Mask Unique

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan gets his own Whisperer mask on The Walking Dead, tailored by [...]

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan gets his own Whisperer mask on The Walking Dead, tailored by director and special makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero, it will be with a unique feature that is "very Negan." An unidentified accomplice set Negan loose from the Alexandria jail, leading to the fugitive's capture by Beta (Ryan Hurst) when he wandered into marked Whisperer territory. After falling in with the pack commanded by Alpha (Samantha Morton), Negan proved his mettle among the walker skin-wearing Whisperers before pledging himself to their unopposed leader, who has since rewarded his loyalty with a different kind of skin. And soon, he'll get his own creepy-ass flesh mask:

"I went to Greg Nicotero when mask was being built... and had one ask. Was there a way to cut a smile into it? No other mask has one," Morgan revealed on Twitter. "Greg being Greg... thought it was a great idea, VERY Negan. And did it. HENCE it being the coolest."

The Walking Dead Negan Whisperer mask
(Photo: AMC)

On a past episode of Talking Dead, Morgan warned the Alpha and Negan pairing would knock The Walking Dead on its ass.

"This year has been a lot about playing off of paranoia and what side are people on, and I think Negan and Alpha together are a formidable twosome," he said. "It's bad news for our heroes. And what it means for the show is we're gonna flip it on its ass."

While it seems Negan has fully enlisted as a Whisperer, executive producer Denise Huth said in a behind-the-scenes video the story with Whisperer Negan could "still go a lot of different ways." Added Morgan, "You just don't know where he sits with anything."

Besides his smiley mask, Negan is special in another way: according to Morton, Alpha has never been intimate with another Whisperer.

Negan is "almost everything that her husband never was, that she wishes he was when the apocalypse happened," Morton said on Talking Dead when explaining why Alpha selected Negan for sex. "He seems strong, confident, feisty. He's got a sting in his tail, he doesn't seem afraid of anything. He has balls, and he's not afraid to use them."

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