The Walking Dead Star Confirms Character's Death

The Walking Dead's body count was quite high in Sunday night's Episode 10x10, Stalker. When Beta [...]

The Walking Dead's body count was quite high in Sunday night's Episode 10x10, Stalker. When Beta infiltrated Alexandria by way on an underground tunnel leading to Cheryl's grave, he came face to face with Gamma. Though his intention was to retrieve her and leave the walkers in Alexandria to cause chaos, he ended up having an encounter with another character who has been on the show for three years now. Although this character seemed to have the upper hand on Ryan Hurst's menacing villain, it was the second in command of the Whisperers who got the best of his opponent. Now, the actor has confirmed their character is indeed dead.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 10x10 follow. Major spoilers!

In trying to protect Gamma from Beta, Lindsley Rigester's Laura met her demise. A short fight ensued and Beta ultimately tossed Laura into a wall, head first. There was not much of an effort made to follow up on the character's demise as Laura was never explicitly shown after the moment. However, both Talking Dead and Register herself have now confirmed that Laura is dead. Having debuted as a member of the Saviors in The Walking Dead's seventh season, Register's tenure with the AMC zombie series lasted nearly four whole seasons.

"I can't believe it's over," Register wrote in a tweet, ultimately thanking fans for their support. She went on retweet and share other tweets from fans, many of which were frustrated with the lack of confirmation of Laura's death within the episode and Register's exclusion from an appearance on Talking Dead after being on the show for years.

(Photo: AMC)

Ironically enough, Register's first episode of The Walking Dead was The Cell (Episode 7x03), an hour which saw Daryl Dixon being tortured within Negan's Sanctuary. Her ending on the show ultimately came inside of another cell.

"Thanks for sending the love," Register wrote in another tweet. "It's tough closing this chapter."

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