'The Walking Dead': Celebrating Lauren Cohan's Birthday With Some Of Maggie's Best Scenes

Lauren Cohan, celebrating her 36th birthday today, is best known for her The Walking Dead role as take-no-shit de facto Hilltop leader Maggie Rhee.

I appreciate all the love and birthday wishes, thank you all! 🌷☀️

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Maggie, who has been one of The Walking Dead's most prominent survivors since her debut on the show in season 2, has evolved from farmer's daughter to a commander even Rick Grimes would follow.

The eldest Greene daughter proved her mettle when she set off on horseback in search of Lori, then a stranger, to bring the mother to her son's bedside when Carl was accidentally shot.

The group's time on the farm saw Maggie strike up a relationship with resourceful runner Glenn, even as Maggie navigated dealing with a suicidal younger sister and the fallout from the revelation that father Hershel had kept a barn-full of walkers within reach of the group, who had taken refuge on the Greene farm.

Maggie took charge and single-handedly delivered Lori's baby, Judith, and only broke once she made it safely outside with Carl and the baby.

Her ability to step up and take action, even amidst adversity, was later recognized by then-Alexandria leader Deanna Monroe, who helped develop Maggie's natural leadership skills.

When the walled-off community came under siege by walkers in season 6 after an attack by the barbaric Wolves, Maggie found herself fighting for her life as she warded off the cannibalistic undead, finding safety atop a wobbly lookout tower — a moment made even sweeter when she spotted her missing husband, Glenn, confirming he was alive.

Glenn would later be executed by newcomer bad guy Negan, who then subjugated the Alexandrians to life under his rule. As a pregnant Maggie took refuge at farming community the Hilltop, she supplanted the slimy Gregory as leader, proving her resolve again as Glenn's loss made her even stronger, not weaker.

Maggie lead the cavalry charge in The Walking Dead's season seven finale, taking aim against the Saviors, who had terrorized her and her people and taken so much from them.

Maggie's Hilltop forces, teamed with the military forces of the Kingdom, rescued Alexandria after the community had been overtaken by a partnership between the Savior army and the Scavengers.

"To sacrifice for each other, to suffer and stand, to grieve, to give, to love, to live, to fight for each other," Maggie says in a passionate speech that closed out season 7. "Glenn made the decision, Rick. I was just following his lead."

"After this," Rick told Maggie in the season 8 premiere before the united communities launched all out war on Negan, "I'm following you."

The Walking Dead could one day see the exit of its leading man Rick Grimes, and should that day ever come, Maggie Rhee is poised to take over as a guiding force in the new world.


The Walking Dead resumes its eighth season Sunday, February 25 on AMC.