The Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz Says Fans Should Be Even More Worried About Season 7

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, you're worried about what happens in the season seven premiere of the show. That's just how it is.

Since season six left us on a cliffhanger, ever fan has been stressed out about who Negan kills in that pivotal moment. In fact, this has been such a talked about scene, it seems that Negan's victim is all most fans are worried about. The notion is, the show will lighten up a little bit once we get that part out of the way.

According to The Walking Dead star Michael Cudlitz, that isn't even close to the truth.

Walking Dead Season 7 Negan Kills Abraham
(Photo: AMC)

In an interview with TV Guide, Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, spoke a little bit about what's to come in season seven. When asked about life after the cliffhanger, Cudlitz had this to say:

"There's a whole bunch of other stuff that's gonna go down as the season progresses, and it's intense. I would say they shouldn't really be so much worried about the first episode as the rest of the season."

As worried as we are for the season premiere, it's insane to think that the show could get more stressful than that. As if he could hear our brains rattling, Cudlitz backed up his statement once more.

"People are so focused on this initial moment, but the rest of the season is so much more intense than that initial moment. There's a brick on the accelerator on the car of The Walking Dead, and we're going off the cliff this year."


We're not just going to hang on a cliff this year, we're going to dive right off. Is that doesn't get you worried about this season, who knows what will.

Source: TV Guide