'The Walking Dead' Drops Major Maggie/Negan Bombshells In New Issue

The Walking Dead issue #174 hit shelves on Wednesday, packing two huge bombshells on its pages.

Spoilers for the most recent issue of The Walking Dead comics follow!

With the New World Order's full introduction on the horizon, issue #174 elected to steer clear of Michonne's group encountering civilization to instead follow Negan as he roamed the world alone. During his time on the road, he discovered a new bat to dress as his once-Lucille bat and frequently spoke to his late wife at a grave created for her.

Neither of those details were the big reveals of The Walking Dead issue #174, however.

With the Hilltop's Dante tailing Negan, Maggie was able to find the man who murdered her husband. Finally coming face to face with Negan, armed with a gun, and had his life in her hands. Maggie didn't kill Negan, though.

Negan finally apologized for killing Glenn, finally showing remorse for the events of the unforgettable issue #100 which published in July of 2012.

"I'm sorry for what I did," Negan said. "I won't fight back."

"Glenn was his name, wasn't it?" Negan went on. "Yeah, that was it. Listen, I'm not proud of what I did, but I did it, consciously, willingly, because I truly believed it's what I needed to do. After a while, after the nerves wore off... After I got used to the things I did... After it all started seeming normal... I even enjoyed it. I'll admit it."

Maggie quickly claimed Negan was trying to earn her sympathy so she would spare his life but Negan's ability to relate to her pain through the loss of his wife Lucille was reason enough for her to keep him alive and suffering.

Ironically, Negan begged Maggie to kill her and voiced his agony from being alone -- perhaps, prompting Maggie's next move, the issue's biggest moment.

After emerging from the house where she confronted Negan, Maggie shot a couple of walkers who would have eaten him before turning to finally kiss Dante. Dante has long had a thing for Maggie in The Walking Dead comics but the Hilltop's leader has constantly shut him down as she continues to carry a flame for her late husband Glenn. Seeing the pain Negan is experiencing from being alone may have prompted her to finally allow herself to put such pain aside.


As for how this will apply to the AMC series adapting The Walking Dead comics, fans shouldn't expect to see the moments in live action for years. The All Out War story arc ranged from issue #115 to issue #126. The AMC series is in the middle of adapting the fan-favorite storyline and would likely need three or four seasons, at least, to reach the story in issue #174.

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