'The Walking Dead': Watch Negan's Entrance Uncensored With 23 F-Words

Taking a walk down the memory lane: An uncensored version of the introduction of Negan. from [...]

Taking a walk down the memory lane: An uncensored version of the introduction of Negan. from r/thewalkingdead

Negan's entrance on The Walking Dead was quite different from his comic book counterpart thanks to broadcast television limiting his word choices. The scene, however, has begun to trend on Reddit in its uncensored form.

AMC released the uncensored version of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's iconic introductory scene as the most infamous villain to ever be a part of The Walking Dead universe and it is loaded with all that language comic fans have grown to love to hate. It's all there in the video at the top of the page. Right down to, "I'm gonna be the holy f--- f---ing f---ety f--- out of one of you." 23 F-words in total.

Most of the scene is actually identical to the cut aired in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead back in April. However, the added language gives Negan an almost entirely different feel. Taking out the awkward use of the word, "pegged," and replacing it with the correct vulgar language originating from Robert Kirkman's comics make Negan even more menacing -- as if pacing around with a vicious barbed wire bat named Lucille after his late wife wasn't enough.

Moving forward, Negan will have to overcome living a post-apocalyptic life without Rick Grimes in it for the first time since he was introducd. Negan without Rick is "just like Jeff without Andy, I'm really sad," Morgan told ComicBook.com. "I think it's a bummer. I think Negan will be OK. I think one thing with Andy leaving the show, as much as it sucks for all of us, fans and cast and crew because we love him, more than anything we love Andy, and it's just different now without him."

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