The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Reacts To Dave Chappelle's Negan Scene

If you spent any time on the Internet this weekend, you probably saw that Dave Chappelle made his [...]

If you spent any time on the Internet this weekend, you probably saw that Dave Chappelle made his long-awaited return to television on Saturday Night Live.

Chappelle, who acted as the host for this week's episode of the popular sketch comedy series, was well-known for his own comedy series that ran on Comedy Central from 2003-2006. Chappelle's Show was a mainstay for the comedy network, and Dave Chappelle was one of the most recognizable comedians on the planet.

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After his show ended, Chappelle stepped out of the spotlight and hasn't appeared on live televison since.

His turn as SNL host this weekend became one of the more popular episodes in the show's recent memory, and audiences praised Chappelle's hilarious and honest performance.

One of the most-watched sketches of the episode tapped into the pop culture phenomenon, The Walking Dead. Chappelle acted as the new villain Negan, and used his older characters to re-create the infamous line-up scene from the season premiere.

The actual episode has been considered one of the most brutal in TV history, but Chappelle's take was filled with many more laughs. The small side characters, also played by Chappelle, delivered side-busting lines, but the comedian's take on Negan really stole the show.

Fans of The Walking Dead instantly fell in love with the skit. Apparently, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman enjoyed it as well.

In a tweet on Monday morning, Kirkman recognized that he was a bit speechless following Chappelle's performance. To see a character that you wrote become such a pop culture icon, and then to see one of your favorite performers depict that character -- this must have been a huge moment for the writer.

In his tweet, Kirkman seemed completely humbled by the video. He called it "completely surreal" and appeared to be a bit speechless. If you've ever watched Robert Kirkman speak, speechless is difficult for him.

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