The Walking Dead Cast on Adjusting After Losing Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira’s Michonne

The Walking Dead stars Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan admit it’s “hard” living in a “Danai and Rick-less world” following the exits of stars Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira.

“We talked to him yesterday, Jeff and I, and I said, ‘It’s weird that you’re not here, I don’t know who to put all my room service bills on.’ Because that’s literally thousands of dollars we’ve put on his room over course of a couple years. And he goes, ‘That’s the sole reason I left the show,’” Reedus joked of the Rick Grimes star when appearing on the IMDboat at San Diego Comic-Con.

“But yeah, it’s weird without Rick, I have to say. We came here and one of the people that works in the hotel put little Rick pictures all over our rooms, in the toilet, in the bed, in the shower. Our rooms are covered with Rick.”

Morgan, who plays Rick’s once archenemy Negan, also can’t help but see Lincoln’s face in the most surprising of places. As Morgan evidenced in a collection of photos shared to Twitter, his room was similarly bombarded with Lincoln pictures.

“I open up the toilet seat and it’s Rick Grimes smiling at me,” Morgan said.

More seriously, Reedus added, “But yeah, we miss Rick, of course.”

The stars next lose Gurira, who for the first time confirmed Season 10 will be her last season as Michonne with an emotional declaration at TWD’s Hall H panel Friday.

“We miss him and then knowing that it’s a Danai and Rick-less world, it’s hard, it’s another adjustment,” Morgan said.

“But year ten of this show, that’s rarified air, and I think [showrunner Angela Kang] and the writers have a really good grasp of what’s happening moving forward, and we’ll see what that world looks like. But I think what we did last year after Andy left, I was very proud of, and hopefully we’ll be able to do the same thing now with Danai leaving. But it’s a hole that you can never fill. That’s the truth of the matter, you can’t fill Andy or Danai leaving the show.”


Gurira’s exit is shrouded in secrecy, but Kang said at Comic-Con the star’s final run of episodes is being handled with the same level of respect and responsibility that was afforded to Lincoln’s Rick.

Gurira’s final season of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 6 on AMC.