The Walking Dead Season 7 Starts Filming On May 2

TWD Negan 616

The seventh season of AMC's The Walking Dead will begin principal photography on Monday.

One might expect that means that they're finally going to film the scene where a beloved character meets their end at the hands of Negan, as teased by the Season Six finale...but let's face it: The Walking Dead likes to tease out such revelations as long as they can. Don't be surprised if the first episode they shoot is something that fleshes out some of Negan's backstory.

Filming will start around Old Griffin Rd and Brown Dr – Bridges Dr near Hampton, GA. According to Spoiling Dead Fans, via On Location Vacations. The "base camp" for the production will be at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the start of Season Seven.

The Walking Dead will return in October, but fans will be fixed on footage expected to come out of Comic Con to see if they can parse out who lives and who dies in the premiere.