The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun Discusses Finding Out Glenn's Fate

It's always tough to say goodbye to a beloved TV character, but it's even harder when the character has been a part of your life for seven years.

Not only was Glenn Rhee one of the longest-running characters on The Walking Dead, but he was also the heart and soul of the group. Whenever Rick needed a voice of reason, or someone in the group needed to be picked up, Glenn was there. He was always willing to sacrifice himself for his friends, and audiences were drawn to his selfless personality.

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Losing him in the season seven premiere was devastating, to say the least, but could you imagine how tough it would have been from the actor's point of view?

Think about it; you go and interact on a deep emotional level with the same people for seven years, and then you have to say goodbye in a violent climax.

In Steven Yeun's case, he knew the death was coming for a long time, but it didn't make the situation in any easier. In some ways, all of the preparation actually made saying goodbye a little bit harder.

In a recent Q&A, Steven Yeun revealed that he knew about Glenn's death over a year in advance. According to the actor, it was still just as difficult. Take a look:

"I actually knew from the beginning of Season 6. [Laughs] It was cool. I think I saw the natural progression as it was happening. I talked to [Executive Producer/Showrunner] Scott [Gimple] at the beginning of the year, during our meeting, and I said, 'Listen. If this is going to happen, just let me know so I can prepare.' It all worked out that way. It got gnarly near the end because when you mentally cross that threshold and say to yourself, 'OK I'm done with this particular chapter now,' to then hold onto it for another full year is pretty rough."

Fans also saw Glenn's death coming for a while, as it happened around the same time in The Walking Dead comics. When Negan appeared in issue #100, he chose to kill Glenn in front of everyone. Abraham had died a coupld of issues prior.

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