The Walking Dead Star Reveals How They'd Like to Return to the Franchise

Thora Birch debuted as "Gamma" in Season 10 of The Walking Dead, serving as an integral component of that narrative, ultimately meeting an untimely end after before the season came to a conclusion. Despite her demise, Birch recently noted that she would be open to reprising the role, which is surely a possibility given the ways in which various spinoffs have explored a number of supporting characters. Birch even pointed out that she has her own ideas of the origin story of her character that she dreams of one day getting to bring to life. Audiences can enjoy Birch's new podcast series Overleaper.

"I don't think anyone will entertain it, but honestly, I do have a personal dream type of fantasy idea about the origin story of Gamma," Birch revealed to about a possible return. "I think it'd be fascinating. So, I mean, I'm not ruling anything out."

Fear the Walking Dead marked the first spinoff from The Walking Dead, but with the proper series soon coming to an end, a number of other expansions of the concept are being explored, which includes feature films. It's unknown where audiences could potentially see Gamma's origin, though the upcoming anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead could be the place for such an adventure to be explored, especially given that it's already teased bringing back Alpha.

Overleaper centers on Special Forces Staff Sergeant Audrey Beach (Birch), a determined career soldier, rising through the ranks to the cream of the military crop. She doesn't have much else in life besides her daughter Lydia, who lives with her ex-husband after a difficult divorce. But Audrey's training could never prepare her for a top-secret mission in Afghanistan's Herat Province, where she faces the impossible: her own doppelgänger from another universe locking her up and leaving her to die...and taking Audrey's place in the process.

The Overleaper is Audrey, but in her timeline, she has suffered far worse pain. Her daughter Lydia is dead- murdered in a tragic military mishap- and her quest for revenge led her to sacrifice her loyalty to the United States. A dangerous country in her dimension aided the her vengeful mission, for a price: replace the Audrey Beach in our world and assassinate the President, no matter the personal price. With nothing left to live for, the Overleaper agrees. To defend the nation and protect her good name, the real Audrey must escape Afghanistan and traverse the globe, evading US authorities and international spies in order to thwart the Overleaper's plan


Stay tuned for details on the future of The Walking Dead. The first episode of Overleaper is available now wherever you get your podcasts.

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