Grisly Episode of The Walking Dead Kills Off Multiple Characters

The Walking Dead's latest bloodbath saw Beta (Ryan Hurst) of the Whisperers infiltrate Alexandria in 1010, "Stalker," where the masked serial killer butchered his way through the walled off community in his hunt for defector Gamma (Thora Birch). Ordered by Alpha (Samantha Morton) to return the traitor alive so that she can be punished in front of the pack, Beta slashed his way through a locked-down Alexandria, killing off both familiar faces and redshirt residents. Beta's growing body count now includes who was one of the last-surviving Saviors, the defunct group once led by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), as well as the last member of the Highwaymen.

Exploiting a secret entrance dug by Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas), the Whisperer spy sent by Alpha, Beta crept into the community when many of its fighters were led away by a fake report of an approaching walker herd. Bursting free from the freshly dug grave doubling as the resting place for an elderly patient murdered by Dante, Beta's killing spree began with the unsuspecting Alfred (David Shae) and another guard (Nick Dekay).

"The Whisperers are a joke," Alfred said after bragging about the attack he made against ex-Whisperer Lydia (Cassady McClincy) with Gage (Jackson Pace) and Margo (Jerri Tubbs). They would be his last words.

Moving to the next house over, Beta's dual blades silently took out a patrol just feet away from an unsuspecting group of Alexandrians. By the time the prowling killer was spotted, it was too late: their screams were quickly silenced when Beta cut his way through this fresh batch of victims before waiting for the five blood-soaked corpses to reanimate.

The voyeuristic view of the slayings makes it difficult to identify each individual victim, but the most prominent would come when Beta, having successfully created a diversion by sending fresh walkers out into the streets of Alexandria, slithered into the jail cell holding Gamma. Beta set the traitor Whisperer free, telling Gamma to march back to her alpha, but was stopped in his tracks when the sharp end of a halberd pressed into his neck.

"Get help," said Laura (Lindsley Register), the former Savior who has long served on the Alexandria council. Pressed against the wall, Beta sprung into an attack, pinning Laura with her own weapon before using his might to snap it in half. She jumped him, looking something like the futile efforts of a first-time bull rider, trying to wrangle him while pulling at the fleshy mask covering Beta's face.

Beta used all his force to slam Laura against the metal bars of the cell, flooring her. Lifting her like she's weightless, Beta hurled Laura head first into the cell with a grisly snap, leaving her limp and lifeless body to crumple onto the blood-stained floor.

The towering Beta nearly claimed another victim after he defeated Rosita (Christian Serratos) in a knock-down fight, stopped only when Gamma threatened to kill herself in a last-ditch attempt to halt Beta's rampage.


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