The Walking Dead: What Is The Oceanside Community?

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 follow.The Walking Dead introduced yet another [...]

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 follow.

The Walking Dead introduced yet another new group to the mix on Sunday night. Following exploration of the Kingdom and Sanctuary, another community is thriving near Alexandria: Oceanside.

Oceanside appears to be a friendly community, though they do have a few hardspots and scars which seem to be keeping them from making any connections to other groups. Tara learned this the hard way, as the group took her in and appeared to be trusting her but ultimately chose to take her out of the community to kill her. Tara made it out alive and arrived safely at Alexandria but we almost certainly have not seen the last of the Oceanside community.

On the TV show, the group resides near the Atlantic Ocean as they do in the comics, however, there were some notable differences.

In Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, Oceanside is a community which formed on the east coast following the zombie outbreak. They were introduced much further down the line, years after the war with Negan and the Saviors was resolved. The community quickly became an ally of Alexandria as trade started, with Oceanside offering fish for food.

On the TV series, the all-female community not only appears to have fish for trade, but also an impressive armory. They will be a valuable bunch for the impending war with Negan whenever Rick's group marches to battle.

In the comics, Michonne decides to run away from Alexandria for a couple of years following the war with the Saviors, becoming a fisherman with the group.

In addition to the altered timing of the community's introduction, another considerable difference is the size of the group. The group looks like it will have a major impact on the TV series, given its armory and skileld fighters, but in The Walking Dead comics the Oceanside group was a small community which consisted of both men and women. However, it wasn't Tara who stumbled upon their settlement but a man named Siddiq who found Alexandria and informed Rick of its existence.

The main characters appear to be the leader, Natania, played by Deborah May, along with Cyndie (Sydney Park), Beatrice (Briana Venskus), and Rachel (Mimi Kirkland).

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