'The Walking Dead': Former Showrunner Rules Out Major Theory

The Walking Dead was not planning for the Season Nine villains of the Whisperers back when a possible reference to the group dropped in Season Three.

As the survivors from Alexandria have learned, a group of enemies is lurking in the shadows wearing the skin of the dead. The Whisperers walk among the walkers, blending in with the risen corpses and wearing their skin as a means to disguise themselves and walk freely about the open world. This group, however, is not anyone who Morgan Jones was referencing in Episode 3x12, where he claimed to see "people wearing dead people's faces."

Showrunner from that season Glen Mazzarra ruled out the possibility on social media. Check out the tweet exchange with popular Walking Dead fan account TWD HQ below.

Still, the AMC series could use the line of dialogue which was not intended to be foreshadowing anything at the time as a happy little accident. The Walking Dead's chief content officer Scott Gimple also admitted to ComicBook.com that he did not know of the Whisperers when the episode was being craft.

"That definitely predated my knowledge of the Whisperers, because they were not at all in the book yet," Gimple said. "Maybe that could wind up being a reference."


Still, none of the fans are going to angered if The Walking Dead decided to tie Morgan Jones into a Whisperer flashback or future encounter in which he is already familiar with the group. Then again, such a scenario is unlikely, seeing as Lennie James now stars on Fear the Walking Dead and his character is nowhere near Alexandria. The only character on The Walking Dead who could recall this scenario, having been there, is Michonne but she already seems to have passed up the opportunity to connect the dots between Morgan's statement from years ago and the villain she encountered in the Mid-Season Nine finale.

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