The Walking Dead: Why Negan's Kill Had To Be Abraham

Every single person on the internet seems to have a thoroughly fleshed out theory on who died in [...]

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Every single person on the internet seems to have a thoroughly fleshed out theory on who died in the closing moments of The Walking Dead's season six finale.

From Glenn, to Abraham, to Daryl, to Rosita - there's "hard evidence" to support every single theory. From now on, we're going to flesh out each one of those theories each day and let you decide which is most concrete.

Today, we'll continue with Abraham Ford.

The reasoning for Abraham being a popular candidate to be Negan's first victim lays in the look the two men shared. As Negan surveyed his options, Abraham knelt with a look on his face which Negan may have felt threatened by. Despite his eenie-meenie-minie-moe game, many people think he picked Abraham to protect himself down the line.

To further the theory, Abraham's comic book death was given to Denise. In the comics, Dwight shot his arrow straight through Abraham's head fresh off of his break up with Rosita.

Many fans are speculating that Abraham was spared from his character's comic book death only to be developed a bit more and quickly slaughtered by Negan to have a bigger impact on The Walking Dead.

In addition to the story line reasoning, the audio accompanying the brutal scene doesn't sound like it has Abraham's manly yell anywhere in it. Voices that can be attributed to the likes of Rick, Carl, Aaron, Eugene, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, Maggie, or Glenn can all be heard, but none sound like they can be Abe's.

Finally, most theorize that Abraham is the only Alexandria strong enough to take a blow to the head and rise back up like this survivor did after the first hit.

By all of these standards, Negan's kill had to be Abraham.

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October. Expect a trailer with more clues to spawn from San Diego Comic Con in July.