The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz Stars In New Kings Of Con Clip

A new clip from Kings of Con has been released and it features The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz in one of his first post-TWD appearances.

Cudlitz, who played Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead for three years until meetin Supernatural alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan's (he played John Winchester) Negan, has a run-in with another alum from the 12-years-running CW series in the new clip. This time around Cudlitz is playing Mel, a family man attending a Comic Convention. Ironically, Supernatural's Henry Winchester (John Winchester's father) actor Gil McKinney kicks off the clip to bring Cudlitz into the new show.

The fact that Cudlitz is involved in a show about Comic Con is funny enough. The actor took most of 2016 to tour the country with various conventions to throw people off the scent of his Abraham Ford being killed off in the Season 7 premiere. Somehow, most fans didn't pick up on the fact that Cudlitz being everywhere but Georgia meant he was not on set of the AMC series.

Aside from The Walking Dead, Cudlitz has appeared on ABC's LOST, Southland, Ballers, and Band of Brothers. The actor recently celebrated his 52nd birthday.


Kings of Con airs on Comic Con HQ.