Iconic 'The Walking Dead' Comic Scene Adapted to TV Show

Carl's death seemed like an indication to many Walking Dead fans that the show was going to start really veering off from the story told in Robert Kirkman's comics. However, one important scene at the end of tonight's newest episode revealed that one of the most iconic scenes from "All Out War" is on its way, and that things on the show might not be that different after all.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead! Continue reading at your own risk...

By the end of tonight's episode, and by no fault of his own, Dwight found himself back within the ranks of Negan and the Saviors. He had been leading Rick's group to safety through the swamp when Tara tried to attack him, still thinking he couldn't be trusted. This resulted in Dwight having to lie to a group of Saviors and go back with them to the Sanctuary, where he learned of Negan's diabolical, comic-inspired plan.

The Saviors are about to use walkers as an agent of biological warfare.

Negan explained to his people that the plan was for everyone to march into battle against Rick. Except this time, instead of using their normal bullets, knives, and arrows, all of the soldiers would coat their weapons in the blood and guts of dead walkers. If one of these were to hit you, no matter where, you'd die from infection.

If you read the comics, this will probably sound familiar.

During the All Out War storyline in the comics, just like in the show, Dwight was a mole for Rick. When Negan devised this plan, using the bolts in Dwight's crossbow as an example.

When the battle finally came, Dwight had a clear shot at killing Rick, and Negan ordered him to take it. Of course, since Dwight couldn't blow his cover, he had to do what Negan asked. What we learned later however, was that Dwight kept one bolt clean, and grabbed that to shoot Rick in the side. Negan believed that was enough to kill Rick but, fortunately for the good guys, Dwight had pulled one over on him. That one act won the war for the survivors.

(Photo: Image Comics)

Now, it looks as though the show will follow this very same plot point, proving once and for all that Dwight is on the right side. This could also be the catalyst Rick needs to win the war.

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