The Walking Dead: Michael Rooker Reveals How Merle Would React To Negan

The Walking Dead season 7 has introduced a fearsome new villain in Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, a [...]

The Walking Dead season 7 has introduced a fearsome new villain in Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, a man so unapologetically psychopathic that he beats people to death with a bat like it's a disciplinary game for children.

Negan's gruesome dispatching of Glenn and Abraham was bad enough, but his torturing of Daryl and psychological torturing of Rick and all of Alexandria has proven that Negan is a sadist like The Walking Dead has never seen. Well, we at had a chance to speak with another not-so-likable name from The Walking Dead, recently: Michael Rooker, who played Daryl's scumbag of a brother, Merle.

The Walking Dead Merle vs Negan

As you can see in the video above, Rooker starts to get that classic Merle livewire twitch when asked how the marauding hillbilly would react to Negan's treatment of Daryl, saying, "Well if you call yourself Negan and you listen to what he's saying then everything's cool! But I don't know if Merle would actually enjoy seeing his friends being abused."

He goes on to joke that he wouldn't be able to give Daryl advice on how to handle Negan, since "it's a tough one since he's so stubborn!"

There was a time in The Walking Dead (if you can believe it) when Merle was our biggest concern in regards to human antagonists lurking in the shadows. Since then, we've had cannibals, rapists, many a psycho and pretty much everything in between. Hell, given what Rick and his crew have done on the show, Merle would probably fit right in with them, nowadays.

While Merle might be gone, he is not forgotten; and Michael Rooker's badassness will definitely be living on when he returns as Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2.

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