'The Walking Dead': When Will Maggie Have Her Baby?

For fans of The Walking Dead, it seems as though Maggie Rhee has been pregnant for quite a while. Since the character revealed that the was pregnant on the show, it's only been a few weeks, a couple of months at most. However, in real time, this announcement came more than two years ago.

Is the show going to end before Maggie even has this baby??

Okay, that might be a silly question to ask. No, the show won't end without Maggie giving birth, but that does bring up another interesting, more realistic question: When will Maggie have the baby?

In the comics, the birth of Maggie's baby didn't come until after the war with Negan had concluded. Once Rick defeated Negan, there was an unexpected time jump that took the story forward a couple of years. When we caught back up with Maggie, her baby had already been born.

Honestly, this could be the case on the show as well.

The past two seasons have moved at an incredibly slow pace and now, with Carl gone, the show will need something for Rick to pour his love and energy into. Something that Carl would have been proud of. This is where Rick could begin rebuilding civilization, just has he did in the comics. Opening up trade routes and communication between all of the communities in the area.

If that's the case, we will likely see Maggie give birth by the time Season 9 begins. This will show fans just how much time has passed (along with Judith's growth) and will keep the show from having to make Maggie look pregnant for very long. Provided Lauren Cohan can work things out with AMC and the producers, we should see a little Rhee running around later this fall.


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