What States Is The Walking Dead Most Popular In

The Walking Dead is the number one show on cable which comes thanks to some dense areas of [...]

The Walking Dead is the number one show on cable which comes thanks to some dense areas of popularity.

According to a new graphic in the New York Times, Appalachia is the most densely populated area in the United States for The Walking Dead fans. So, if you're looking to be surrounded by a like minded neighbors to carpool over the next Walker Stalker Con, that's your best bet.

Outside of Appalachia, southern Texas near the Mexican border and eastern Kentucky follow up as the biggest areas of The Walking Dead fandom. Northeast New Mexico also puts in a bid and the entire northeastern region of the country has some intense areas of fandom, as well.

The shows with the most similar geographical fandom to The Walking Dead are American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural (which once starred Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Through Season 7, The Walking Dead saw a steady decline in its ratings but remained a powerhouse. With over 10 million viewers in its midseason finale, the show is still the #1 rated on cable. Here is a breakdown of how each episode played out with viewership:

  • 7x01: 17.03 million
  • 7x02: 12.46 million
  • 7x03: 11.72 million
  • 7x04: 11.40 million
  • 7x05: 11.00 million
  • 7x06: 10.40 million
  • 7x07: 10.48 million
  • 7x08: 10.58 million

Including the Live +7 numbers, the show actually topped 15 million viewers with the midseason finale on December 11, 2016.

Check out the graphic showcasing the areas in the U.S. which The Walking Dead is most popular:

TWD Graph

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