Who Dies In 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x04?

Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead may very well have a high body count as the All Out War story [...]

Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead may very well have a high body count as the All Out War story rolls on.

Episode 8x03 concluded on a killer cliffhanger, with King Ezekiel's group coming under fire in an ambush by the Saviors who had moved the heavy guns. The closing moments saw several soldiers sacrificing themselves in an effort to save their King.

Inevitably, a high number of Kingdom soldiers will be among the casualties in Episode 8x04, but how many key characters are in the line of fire?

Sunday's Episode 8x04 of The Walking Dead is titled, "Some Guy." The official synopsis for Some Guy reads, "A new weapon in the Savior arsenal proves to be a giant hurdle as fighting continues between Rick's forces and those of the Saviors."

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Rick- Safe. Rick survived his encounter with Morales and successfully raided the Savior outpost, only to find the heavy guns which he was searching for had been moved. Still, he has the upper hand, having gained the knowledge of where the guns were moved to and Negan's men having strict orders not to kill him.

Negan- Safe. Though Negan is trapped in a trailer with Father Gabriel, the holy man shows no signs of being able to kill him, while Negan gleefully introduced himself when they were last seen together. There is certainly a plan brewing.

Michonne- Safe. Michonne will sit out the early parts of the war as she stays home in Alexandria to recover from her injuries acquired in the Season 7 finale.

Carl- Safe. Along with Michonne, Carl will protect Alexandria. Unless an unexpected ambush arrives at their gate, both characters are safe, for now. When the time comes, however, both Carl and Michonne may be called upon to protect their home in major ways.

Carol- Danger. Carol was last seen on the battefield which was ambushed by the Saviors and their heavy guns. Though she walked away from the group prior to the gunfire being unleashed, her constant ability to be a hero might land her in a dangerous position.

Daryl- Safe. Daryl's hunger to kill places him in a questionable position but he is quick to act and a skilled survivor. Though he is over-eager to kill the Saviors, Daryl is on a mission to protect himself and those around him by keeping threats at bay.

Maggie- Safe. Clearly in charge of the Hilltop now, Maggie has a massive following willing to work with and for her. With a good head on her shoulders, Maggie remains hungry for revenge but careful to act.

Morgan- Danger. Morgan has, once again, ventured into the apocalypse on his own in an unstable mindset. Luckily, he is willing to kill to survive, but that might not be enough if he comes across a herd or army.

Jesus- Safe. Jesus is a skilled fighter but lost a few allies when he decided to keep the Saviors alive. Still, he is not in danger as he remains in control of the situation.

Enid- Safe. Enid has finally found a reason to become a part of the group: her "family" of sorts with Maggie. She will help her friends survive and do the same herself.

Gabriel- Danger. Trapped in a trailer with the most unpredictable and dangerous villain in The Walking Dead's history, Gabriel is in trouble. Most scenarios don't allow for both characters to make it out of that trailer alive.

Gregory- Danger. Gregory has no friends any more. The Saviors have outed him as a traitor to the Hilltop, and the Hilltop has abandoned him as well. He is unwelcome in his own home.

Dwight- Safe. Dwight continues to aid Rick's efforts and serve as the mole in Negan's group. Unless someone throws him under the bus, Dwight is in one of the safest positions of all the characters. Both sides have orders not to kill him!

Simon- Danger. The Sanctuary is overrun with walkers and Negan is trapped outside. With Dwight showing little interest in helping any of the Saviors, the group will likely turn to Simon in a dangerous time of need.

Ezekiel- Danger. Ezekiel earns a "danger" ranking this week courtesy of his overconfidence despite truly menacing Savior threats on the horizon.

Jerry- Safe. Jerry, though silly, is quick to think and act when it counts.

Tara- Safe. Though Tara disagrees with Jesus' decision, she will not make any moves which are wild enough to put herself or those around her in danger.

Rosita- Safe. Having been shot in the Season 7 finale, Rosita will sit out the early battles as Michonne does to stay home and recover. Still, she is a worthy soldier and could be called upon to defend Alexandria on a moment's notice.

Eugene- Danger. Eugene might be more of an enemy to Rick than the Simon's, Gavin's or Arat's of the bunch. He has thoroughly betrayed the group and helped facilitate Sasha's death. He is of little value to Negan at the moment, as well, putting him in a dangerous place.

Aaron- Safe. The loss of Eric will become a driving point for Aaron as he continues to emerge as a leader in the apocalypse. Now, he has more motivation than ever to find revenge and eliminate the Saviors.

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