Why Daryl Stood Up To Negan According To The Walking Dead Producer

After Abraham was killed during the season seven premiere, Walking Dead fans everywhere began to [...]

After Abraham was killed during the season seven premiere, Walking Dead fans everywhere began to cover their faces. The sight of Negan sticking Abraham's blood in Rosita's face was just too much to bear. At that moment, everyone watching wanted to reach through the TV and punch the villain right in the face.

None of us could, but the writers still thought someone should step up. Since Daryl has always been the voice of the audience, why not him?

twd daryl bat

In a collective groan, audiences across the world knew what was coming. This action meant someone else had to die. "Why, Daryl!?" Was screamed in every living room where The Walking Dead was playing.

There's no way around it; Glenn's death was Daryl's fault. It seems he just couldn't hold back his temper, and it caused one more beloved character to meet Lucille.

Is Daryl really that selfish?

According to The Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero, it's not a selfish thing at all. In an interview with EW, Nicotero talked about Daryl's psyche going forward. After making the comment that the character was in "really bad shape," the interviewer said Daryl had to be at fault in regards to Glenn's death. Nicotero's response gave us a little more insight into the reason behind the actions.

"Yeah, I don't think there's any way around that. There's that shot in the episode of Daryl looking at him in utter and complete shock and anguish on his face, and we know who Daryl is. Daryl is the guy that would take a bullet for anybody. The reason he leapt out of that line was because Negan was bullying Rosita. The way he was standing in front of her screaming at her and shoving that bloody baseball bat in her face, he wasn't going to take it. He wasn't going to let Negan get away with it in front of anybody. I think he probably would have rather been the victim himself than have seen anyone else go."

Daryl stood up because he thought he would take the bat. By hitting Negan, he thought all of the rage would be taken out on him, and everyone else would have been spared.

It was a good thought Daryl, but Negan came out a little bit smarter this time.

Catch more of Daryl and Negan's story in this week's episode of The Walking Dead. The episode is titled The Cell, and it will air on Sunday, November 6 at 9pm ET on AMC.

Source: Entertinment Weekly