'Shadowhunters' Finale Spoiled By Prop Auction

For Shadowhunters fans, things just keep getting worse. Not only is the upcoming second half of the Freeform series third season its last, but items in an online prop auction may have spoiled the overall series ending for many fans.

The spoiling happened this week when fans of the series went online to an auction hosted by 403 Auction to try to snag props from the set of the drama. As with most prop auctions there were many basic, non-spoilery items but, unfortunately for some fans, other items revealed massive twists and plot points for the last half of the third season.

There are no spoilers about what those items are in this article, but according to TV Line one of the spoilery objects was "an extremely detailed letter from Clary to Jace". With such huge spoilers out there via the auction, many fans took to voicing their concerns with co-showrunner Todd Slavkin addressing the issue on social media.

"We are aware of auction but had no idea about spoilers," Slavkin wrote to one fan on Twitter. "That sucks on so many different levels."

He also noted via hashtags that he had made a call, but it was all he could do. It appears to have helped. The spoiler items have since been removed from the auction's official listing. Freeform for their part noted that they had no part in the auction, but despite the network's lack of participation it's still difficult for fans of the series to have the final chapter of Shadowhunters spoiled, especially after a strong fan campaign to save the series.

It was announced back in June that Shadowhunters would be ending its run after three seasons. While the show has a devoted fan base -- hence the active online campaign to save the series -- and the network has indicated that they were pleased with the show creatively, the decision to cancel it came down to economic reasons. Constantin Film, which co-produces Shadowhunters with Freeform, lost their output deal with Netflix and had asked Freeform for an increased investment, something that the network just couldn't make work.

"We went back and forth with them but ultimately we just couldn't make the economics work," network EVP of Programming and Development Karey Burke told Deadline. "We were very happy creatively with it."

Hopefully, fans of the series will still be happy with the way it concludes despite having been accidentally spoiled. Series star Katherine McNamara told fans at Oz Comic-Con earlier this year that when the show does return for its final episodes, they will be "amazing".

"If the [hashtags] make a difference, amazing, if not, we've got 10 more amazing episodes and we're going to shoot the most kick-ss finale you've ever seen," McNamara said.


What do you think about the prop auction spoiling the ending of Shadowhunters? Let us know your thoughts (but no spoilers, please!) in the comments below.

Shadowhunters Season 3B will debut sometime in Spring 2019.