'Rick and Morty' Pickle Rick and Plumbus Mugs Are Here


Rick and Morty fans have two new, Adult Swim-official drinkware options, and one of them might draw some unwanted attention from the uninitiated. I think you know which one I'm talking about.

That's right folks - the Pickle Rick stein is available to pre-order here for $18.99 with free shipping slated for July, and the Plumbus mug is available here for $20.99 with free shipping slated for May. Quantities are limited on these, so reserve one while you can. You should also take a closer look at the Plumbus version before you decide to bring it to work. Here's another angle:


If you liked the Pickle Rick and Plumbus mugs, you might be interested in these Rick and Morty Geeki Tikis. They're a merchandising match made in Heaven. Or maybe Hell. Either way, it makes a lot of sense.


Indeed, Rick and Morty Geeki Tiki mugs are a reality, and you can order the entire lineup right here for $17.99 each. There are 10 mugs in total, and if you're wondering whether or not the collection includes a Pickle Rick Tiki mug, the answer is "yes".

Just make sure to take note of the capacity of each mug as they range from 12oz all the way up to 24oz but the price is the same. However, Geeki Tikis makes a great tiki mug, so the the quality will be high on these.


Now, if you want to find out what a Plumbus smells like, you can finally make it happen. We're joking of course. You already know what a Plumbus smells like. Everyone has a Plumbus! However, this official Rick and Morty candle allows you to fill the room with the scent a Plumbus at the peak of freshness. You've never smelled Fleeb this fresh, let me tell you.

The Plumbus candle can be ordered here for $18.99 with free US shipping. Then again, you might want to savor the delicious scent of your own completion with Simple Rick's wafer-scented candle. Come home to the scent of Simple Rick's and order one here.


Finally, you can use this Portal Gun bottle opener to open the beverages that you pair with your new Rick and Morty mugs and glasses.

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