Agents of SHIELD: Did Fitz Finally Return?

The two-part series finale of Agents of SHIELD airs next week, which means fans of the series have [...]

The two-part series finale of Agents of SHIELD airs next week, which means fans of the series have spent all of season seven waiting for the return of Fitz (Iain De Caestecker). There were never any announcements that De Caestecker wouldn't be a part of the final season and he is featured on the poster, so fans have known it'd be only a matter of time before he showed up. Tonight's episode, "Brand New Day," featured Nathanial Malick (Thomas E. Sullivan) trying to get Fitz's location from Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge). The big question is... did he succeed?

While Malick was unsuccessful in his attempts to locate Fitz, fans finally got their long-awaited glimpse of De Caestecker. However, it wasn't quite what we expected. First, while Malick was rifling around in Jemma's mind, we saw a couple of iconic flashback moments, including a clip from the end of season one, when FitzSimmons was trapped at the bottom of the ocean. There was also a moment from the season three episode "Bouncing Back," in which FitzSimmons decides to re-introduce themselves in order to "embark on a relationship that will change their lives"

From there, "Brand New Day" finally revealed some brand new Fitz content. Jemma's memories took it back to the season six finale when Enoch warned the couple that things would change forever. Then, sometime after, we see Fitz convincing Jemma to hold off on returning to the temple to save the team since they have unlimited time. The bad news? There's an unsettling mention of bloodwork that hints Fitz could be sick.

The final Fitz flashback is another new scene, which shows him trying to convince Jemma to forget more than she bargained for in order to continue the mission. Jemma panics over losing her memories while Fitz holds her, and when Jemma comes back to reality, things take a dark turn. Deke (Jeff Ward) asks about Fitz and Jemma replies, "Who's Fitz?"

One thing is for sure, the Agents of SHIELD writers are putting FitzSimmons shippers through the wringer up until the very end. Will Jemma remember Fitz? Is he even alive? We have to assume all questions will be answered next week in the series finale.

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Agents of SHIELD's series finale airs on Wednesday, August 12th, at 9 PM EST on ABC.