Agents of SHIELD’s Clark Gregg on Whether He’ll Play Coulson Again

Clark Gregg has been playing Agent Phil Coulson ever since Iron Man kicked off the Marvel [...]

Clark Gregg has been playing Agent Phil Coulson ever since Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008. After that, he appeared in Iron Man 2 and Thor before meeting a tragic end in 2012's The Avengers. Luckily for fans, Coulson was revived and given his very own show, Agents of SHIELD, the following year. During the show's fifth season, Coulson died once again and Gregg returned in season six as Sarge, a somewhat villainous character who also ended up dying. Now, Coulson is back, but this time as an LMD (life model decoy). However, he was also built with Chronicom technology, making him much more advanced than androids we've previously seen on the show. Now that the series is coming to an end, fans are itching to know if this is the last we'll see of Gregg as Coulson. Considering he showed back up in last year's Captain Marvel, which took place in 1995, anything is possible. Recently, Gregg interviewed with Variety and addressed whether or not he'd be playing Coulson again.

"This seems like a real good time to announce that … I really don't know," Gregg shared with a laugh. "Sorry. That was a little bit of quarantine sadism. I don't know anything! It's hard for me to imagine a scenario where I'd say, 'No, I'm too busy to put on whatever the latest version of the suit is and go play Phil Coulson.' I'm always thrilled when I see them changing timelines and exposing a multiverse in the cinematic [universe]. Because I think, 'Well, I've seen scenarios where I could be around!' So I really learned with this character to never say never, but I'm also really grateful for the ride that we had."

There you have it! While there's no word on Coulson plans after Agents of SHIELD, Gregg is clearly willing to return to the role. In the meantime, fans have a lot to look forward to in the show's upcoming final season. Last year, Chloe Bennet (Daisy Johnson/Quake) teased the seventh season will please long term fans.

"I can say we are back in time, so we have to get… the whole goal is to get back to where we were," Bennet explained. "So that means traveling through a bunch of different time periods and who knows who we see on the way back, if we even get back. It's actually one of the most… season 4 and season 7 are definitely my favorite seasons of SHIELD," she added. "For the long-term fans, it's a really big pay-up and it's really, really fun," she teased. "When you've done six seasons and that many hours of TV, it's pretty hard on the writers to think what else do we do, and they killed it. Season seven is a really, really fun one."

Agents of SHIELD returns on May 27th.