Sorry Ward Haters, but Brett Dalton Deserves to Appear in Agents of SHIELD’s Final Season

The seventh and final season of Agents of SHIELD is finally premiering next month, and there's a [...]

The seventh and final season of Agents of SHIELD is finally premiering next month, and there's a lot of exciting things to look forward to. Not only will the team be time traveling, but they'll be joining forces with Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) from Agent Carter. Many of us are eager to see if any former fan-favorite Agents of SHIELD characters will be making cameo appearances in the final season, which would be easy to do considering the show will be jumping around in time. Unfortunately, we already know Adrianne Palicki will not be showing up again as Bobbi Morse, but there are still plenty of other appearances to hope for. While there are many characters the majority of fans would love to see return, another is debated heavily among the fandom. He may have betrayed the team, killed Victoria Hand, and took part in countless other terrible schemes, but some of us would still love to see Brett Dalton appear as Grant Ward one more time.

Now, hear me out! Yes, Ward was a Nazi who hurt our dear Daisy real bad, but he was such an important part of the show's beginning, and it would be nice to see him share the screen with our beloved agents again. Now, you could argue Ward got a perfect send-off in the Framework back in season four, especially since he got the chance to redeem himself in the virtual world. However, we know in our hearts that it wasn't the real Ward, and some of us wouldn't mind the real-life version of the character getting a redemption. What better way than to time travel? Maybe needing to help Hydra in the past could alter Ward's future?

Even if you loathe Ward and don't want to see him on your favorite television show again, think of Brett Dalton! That man is an absolute sweetheart (I have a video message he made for my mom to prove it), and no matter how you feel about his character, Dalton is an important part of the Agents of SHIELD family. Even if an appearance doesn't lead to any redemption or closure, it would be a blast to get a glimpse of Dalton on the Marvel series one more time. Ward died and became Hive halfway through season three and once Hive died, we only saw Dalton again in the Framework during season four. It's been three long years since we were graced with Dalton's handsome face, and it would be a wonderful full-circle moment to catch a glimpse of Ward one final time.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC for its final season on May 27th.