Agents of SHIELD Director Says the Finale Has the Most VFX of the Last Season

Even though this season of Agents of SHIELD has already been quite been heavy on visual effects, [...]

Even though this season of Agents of SHIELD has already been quite been heavy on visual effects, we haven't even seen half of it. SHIELD director and visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack said Friday afternoon the final episode of the season and series, for that matter, is the most visual effects-laden episode of the entire season. Responding to a fan's question on Twitter, Kolpack had an incredibly simple answer of which episode this season was most-packed with VFX.

For the show's final season, ABC ordered just 13 episodes, replicating the move the network did with the show's sixth season. Through Wednesday, three episodes have aired, leaving the agents just 10 episodes to stop the Chronicom threat of destroying the world as we know it. According to Henry Simmons (SHIELD Director Alphonso Mackenzie), longtime fans of the series should be pleased with how everything wraps up.

"I think so. I think everyone will be happy," the actor said in a recent interview. "There are gonna be some fans that still want more, and I hope that's the case because you wanna leave people wanting more. But the way it wraps up, I can't say everyone's gonna be satisfied because I don't think everyone will be satisfied, but I think everyone will accept the reality of the situation. I'll leave it at that."

He added, "When I went in there, I was just pretty much a mechanic. Gradually, he started fighting, and then things started picking up, and he became the leader of everyone. It's a heck of a compliment because the writers and the producers felt that I was capable of being the leader of the team, and that meant a lot to me, from an actor's point of view. It's very different from running around and doing things, and being given directions. You're actually the one who's giving the directions to everyone, you're driving all of the scenes, and you have to carry the emotional weight of the team, as opposed to just your individual self. To me, it was just one heck of a compliment to be given that responsibility, and I absolutely enjoyed it."

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC.

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