Archer Renewed for Season 13 at FXX

Archer has been renewed for season 13 at FXX. FX Networks made the announcement today, as Archer is in the midst of season 12 - which some fans thought could be its final season. Apparently, the response to Archer season 12's s "back to basics" approach - taking the series back to its original spy agency comedy premise after years of narrative detours - was good enough for FXX to keep it going. Of course Archer season 13 will be a somewhat bittersweet victory for fans of the series; star Jessica Walter passed away back in March of this year, meaning Archer season 13 would be the first season without her character, Malory Archer. 

"Archer remains one of FX's signature series and we are happy to extend its legacy with another globetrotting season," said Nick Grad, president of original programming for FX. "Like Sterling Archer himself, Adam Reed, Matt Thompson, Casey Willis and the entire team at Floyd County Productions are endlessly creative and always find a way to surpass themselves. Our thanks to them and the incredible voice cast who keep this fan favorite spy comedy as fresh and exciting as ever."

 It's already been stated that Jessica Walter finished season 12's voice recording sessions and that the show would address her absence when this current season comes to an end. For most series, the loss of such a key central cast member may be a deal-breaker, but Archer can weirdly spin the loss into something that fans would enjoy, and Jessica Walter would probably appreciate. 

After all, Archer's longtime running gag has been the deep-seated Odepal issues that fuel super-spy Sterling Archer's bravado. Once a proper somber moment is played in the show (Walter's final performance transitioning into a new status quo for Archer and co. after she's gone), then Archer season 13 delve into the comedic side of that new reality: Archer and Co. having to actually function and run the agency, without Malory there shove them along and/or bail them out. 

Archer has already had to incorporate real-life loss into its narrative status quo before; comedic actor George Coe played Archer's man-servant Woodhouse until he died in 2015, forcing the show to similarly deal with the death within its animated universe. Now with both "Woodhouse" and "Malory" gone, the characters of Archer truly have to step up as the next generation. Can't wait to see how hard that is (phrasing). 


Source: Variety