Batwoman Recap With Spoilers: The Team Goes Undercover in "If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You"

Batwoman's first season is nearing its end, but that's not before dropping some pretty major plot twists. This week's episode provided some major revelations for a lot of show's cast, as well as a tease for one of the show's most highly-anticipated villains. Here's what you need to know about this week's episode, "If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You". Obviously, spoilers below! Only look if you want to know!


Batwoman stops an organ smuggler, but almost gets her wig pulled off in the process. As she returns to Wayne Enterprises with Luke, Mary arrives and congratulates them, but Kate shuts her out. Kate decides, instead, to focus on Lucius' journal. Sophie and Julia also look for Lucius' journal in Tommy Elliot's storage, but find nothing. Kate decides to visit Tommy in prison, where he admits to being jealous of Lucius' relationship with Bruce.

Alice and Mouse visit Tommy in his cell, where they agree to help him stay within Arkham. She also asks about Lucius' journal, which Tommy believes has a failsafe to kill Batman -- who Tommy knows is Bruce. Alice then reveals that she and Mouse can help change his face into anyone he wants.

Kate and Luke track a call that Tommy made to one of the buildings he owns -- where a mobster confirms that he has Lucius' journal. Kate decides that they need to go undercover to the club find it. Mary helps Kate pick out outfits for the club, but Kate refuses to let her come along. Kate and Julia go to the club, and Kate is slightly jealous of the time that Julia and Sophie have been spending together. Kate's ex, Reagan, is a bartender at the club, and she compliments her on her real estate ventures. Kate apologizes for the way their relationship fell apart.

Julia and Luke (who is on the comms) try to find the mobster's office, while Kate sneaks onto the club floor in the Batwoman suit. Julia is quickly found by security, and Kate finds her way to the journal, which she grabs -- only for it to set off a series of traps. The mobster decides to auction off Batwoman to the highest bidder. Mary and Luke panic over what to do to help Kate, and Luke reluctantly agrees to let Mary go undercover.

Alice puts Tommy's face on another prisoner in Arkham, and makes it look like he committed suicide in a cell. Meanwhile, the real Tommy gets his face bandaged up until his new face is ready. Tommy calls up the mobster, who betrays him, and Alice reveals her backup plan -- to unleash Magpie to steal the journal.

Mary makes her way to the club, but has some awkward run-ins with other socialites at the club. Meanwhile, Julia is interrogated and tortured for trying to steal the journal.

Jacob visits Alice in prison, and asks about what happened with Tommy. Alice begins to cry about how she's being treated in Arkham, but he refuses to help bail her out. She then says that the torture she's endured has given her clarity -- and that she's going to get revenge on him when she's out.

Mary tries to bid on Batwoman - or at least her suit - during the auction. One of the men from the organ smuggling ring prepares to kill Kate, but Mary intervenes and helps her fight her way out. Julia also escapes. Batwoman makes her way to the roof and fights Magpie for the journal.

Kate and Mary leave the club, and Kate apologizes for doubting Mary, and agrees to let her join the Bat team. Reagan then comes up to Kate, and Kate tells her that she and Batwoman were working together on a case. Kate invites her back to her place, and they hook up.

Luke takes Mary down into the Batcave, and she immediately tries to take a picture of it. Luke makes Mary swear to not tell anyone about it -- but he accidentally reveals Bruce was Batman in the process.

Kate wakes up the next morning and Reagan is gone -- and the journal along with it. Kate tells Luke and Julia about this. Reagan meets up with Magpie, who she has been helping with her crimes for a while -- because she's her sister. Reagan decides that she's out of that game, and leaves.

Julia gets a call from an unknown person who wants the journal.

Alice helps remove a tracker from Magpie's neck, and she leaves Arkham. Mouse reads through the book, which is in a secret code.



Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on the CW.