Bob Newhart Returning for 'The Big Bang Theory' Final Season

With only one season of The Big Bang Theory remaining, the beloved CBS sitcom will likely pull out all the stops, and bring back each of its beloved guest stars for one final appearance. Of course, one of the top guests on every Big Bang fan's wishlist is TV legend Arthur Jeffries.

Thankfully, the powers that be are going to give fans at least one more episode with the man known as Professor Proton before the series comes to an end in 2019.

According to a new report from TV Line, a rep from The Big Bang Theory has confirmed that Newhart will reprise his role in an episode that is set to air this fall, marking his sixth guest appearance as Arthur Jeffries. However, the rep offered no details regarding the circumstances of Newhart's return.

Sheldon grew up watching Arthur when he starred in an educational TV program as Professor Proton. As an adult, he was finally able to meet his childhood hero on several occasions. However, Arthur Jeffries sadly passed away back in Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory.

That didn't stop Professor Proton from being a part of Sheldon's life, though. Newhart has reprised the role in multiple episodes since his passing, appearing as a vision to Sheldon during difficult times, helping him through problems and with big life decisions. Newhart's most recent appearance came in 2017, in an episode called "The Proton Regeneration." Sheldon was heartbroken when his lifelong rival Wil Wheaton was named the new Professor Proton, and Arthur showed up to guide Sheldon in his time of need.

While the details of Arthur's return are virtually nonexistent, it's likely that he'll once again be there to comfort Sheldon when he needs it most.


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The Big Bang Theory returns for its final season on September 24 at 8 pm ET on CBS.