Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, Family Guy All Set to Return in September

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly altered the plans of every TV and film studio in the entertainment industry, making it difficult for anything to get back to "normal" any time soon. Movies are being delayed, productions are on hiatus, and fall TV season likely won't look at all like the fall TV season you're used to seeing. Most network shows, even the most popular projects, are being pushed to 2021 since the new seasons haven't started filming yet. Fortunately Fox's Sunday night slate of animation is going to be staying the same.

The Animation Domination block of shows on Fox has become a staple of Sunday night television across the country. Anchored by The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, and Family Guy, this block of comedy is watched by millions each and every week throughout the season. Since the shows are animated, production has been able to continue during the pandemic, allowing them to return to TV when they're supposed to.

Along with Bless the Hearts, which made its debut on Fox last season, the rest of the Animation Domination lineup will be premiering on Sunday, September 27th. The Simpsons is returning for its 32nd season, while Family Guy kicks off its 19th season and Bob's Burgers begins Season 11.

Most of the TV landscape will feel different in the fall. Networks are getting creative and using shows that had already been filmed, or that aired previously on premium channels, to fill out their lineups. Some networks, like CBS, are still planning to develop their normal slate of television. However, seeing as how nothing is able to head into production yet, that seems pretty unlikely.

Fox's other new animated series, Duncanville, is also returning for a new season, but it won't be joining the Animation Domination block in the fall. The second season of Duncanville will air in 2021.


Fox will be sticking mostly to sports and reality television in the fall, save for a few exceptions. The Sunday animation block will air as normal, but most of the lineup will be void of scripted programming. One of the only live-action scripted shows will be Next, a show that was already completed earlier this year but has yet to air.

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