BoJack Horseman Ending on Netflix After Season 6

The end of an era is officially upon us. Adult animation mainstay BoJack Horseman, one of the first true original hits for Netflix, is set to air its final season. Netflix announced on Friday morning that the upcoming sixth season of BoJack Horseman will in fact be its last. Part one of the final season will be released on October 25th, followed by part two on January 31, 2020. So in just a few months, the story of BoJack will officially be over.

Netflix made the announcement on Twitter, releasing the trailer for the final season of BoJack Horseman. Through it's NX Twitter account, the streaming service wrote, "Prepare your emotions, the final season of BoJack Horseman starts October 25th, with part 2 coming January 31st."

This certainly wasn't the news that fans were expecting to wake up to, and it's certainly sad to say goodbye so such a celebrated staple of Netflix's original lineup. That said, there's at least an entire season to look forward to before it all comes to an end.

Of course, the ever-active BoJack Horseman Twitter account, which acts as a voice for the titular character rather than the show as a whole, shared a goodbye note with the fans after the trailer had been posted.

"if you asked me 6 yrs ago how i thought id be rmembered id have probably said that horse from horsin around but we are season 6 on netflix the 2 part final season before i hit the dusty trail aka runyon dont make plans oct 25 or jan 31 bc youre watching me and feeling feels."


Are you disappointed to see BoJack Horseman come to an end? Which season has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments!

The first five seasons of BoJack Horseman are currently streaming on Netflix.