Clarice Series Returns to Famous Silence of the Lambs Locale Next Week

Even just a few episodes into CBS' new series Clarice, the shadow of the events of The Silence of the Lambs still linger for the title character and the world at large. The entire crux of the series is built on the hunt for a new killer with an internal argument about if it can be considered to be in the same league as Buffalo Bill. Clarice has interacted with multiple characters from the story as well, not Hannibal naturally, but an upcoming episode will take her back to an iconic location from the story, the well in Buffalo Bill's basement.

New photos from the fifth episode have arrived online via Bloody Disgusting, teasing episode 1.05 “Get Right with God." Scheduled to air March 11 at 10 PM ET on CBS, the episode is described as follows: “Clarice is drugged and confined to a hospital bed by a serial killer in the medical profession. With her team unaware of her location, Clarice endures physical torture and is dosed with drugs that cause her to experience intense hallucinations.” So if we're wagering a guess, yes, Clarice will be in the well for part of the episode, but in the end it will have been....well, not real. Check out the photos from the episode below!

(Photo: CBS)
(Photo: CBS)

References to Buffalo Bill and the larger Silence of the Lambs story was a major selling point for the series ahead of its premiere. One major difference though is that the series will be addressing the legacy of Buffalo Bill and his presence not only in how what he did effects Clarice and other characters that were involved in that narrative, but new characters as well, specifically transgender characters. To that end the series had previously hired transgender activist and actress Jen Richards to serve as a consultant but later upped her to a cast member.

“All I can say is that the character intersects with Clarice’s storyline in a way that her transness isn’t central to her storyline, but her identity as a trans woman prompts her to discuss with Clarice the complicated legacy of Buffalo Bill,” Richards said previously. She also revealed that the representation of Buffalo Bill and viewers understanding of that character has previously effected her in her personal life, making this opportunity that much more meaningful for her.

Joining Breed and Richards in the series are co-stars Nick Sandow, Michael Cudlitz, Marnee Carpenter, Lucca De Oliveira, Devyn A. Tyler, and Kal Penn. Clarice airs Thursdays at 10 PM ET on CBS.